• A group representing countries of the African diaspora.

  • Under 25 employees

  • Must be 501(c)3 organization

  • Up to 15 cars. Each vehicle must have insurance and liability coverage.

  • Great way to draw attention to your special group or organization.

  • I understand that a representative from each organization must attend the mandatory meeting in order to be included in the 2024 Boogaloo Celebration Parade. Meeting time and place is TBD

  • I certify, that music is due to the parade coordinator no later than the registration deadline and the music is appropriate for a family friendly audience.


I, the undersigned fully release and discharge, and hold harmless the Colorado Celebration of African American Arts and Culture dba Colorado Black Arts Festival, it's staff, board, volunteers and contractors and the City and County of Denver it's staff, employees, agents and all sponsors from any and all claims from injuries, including death, damages or loss of property, which I have or which may impact me on account of my involvement with or participation in the activities of the Colorado Black Arts Festival.
I, the undersigned, further agree and grant permission to Colorado Black Arts Festival and the City and County of Denver and the sponsors of the Colorado Black Arts Festival to use my name, my business name, images of my work, (photography, videos, slides, etc.) for advertisement, publicity and promotional purposes, via print, electronics, cable and the internet. I further release ad discharge any claim to payment for use of any imagery or likeness of artwork. I have read and fully understand and agree with entire application and contract, by affixing my signature below.

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